Two agonisingly close losses in tough day for Lilydale

The tight-knit Lilydale U19.5s were on the wrong end of a nailbiter in round 6. Picture: ON FILE

By Callum Ludwig

A couple of nailbiters and a hard-fought loss saw Lilydale unfortunately unable to beat East Ringwood at home in round 6.

The U19.5s kicked off the day in wet and slippery conditions, and a low-scoring affair saw them narrowly beaten by East Ringwood 5.6, 36 to 4.18, 42.

East Ringwood put heavy pressure on the Dales, as seen by their 22 scoring shots but good defensive pressure and the conditions saw them wasteful in front of goal. Luke Phillips repelled attacks consistently with strong aerial contested marks, no longer weighed down by a mass of long, knotted hair.

Sean Calcaterra kicked 2 early in the game to be Lilydale’s only multiple goalkicker and his intimidating presence in the forward line prompted East Ringwood players to question whether he was 19.5 or 29.5. Other goalkickers were Ryan ‘Ninja’ Haley, Cobey Clausen and Bailey Bateman, whose running goal gave the Dales hope in the last minutes of the game.

Regular contributors Zac ‘Chicken Schnitty’ Carolan, Mitch ‘Skip’ Van De Maat and Ashton Dobbin featured in the best with Phillips and Calcaterra, as well as Caleb Daniels who was impressive in a lockdown role (something you never want to be too good at) on return from a trip to the Gold Coast with the missus.

The U19.5’s sit in 4th on the ladder.

A heartstopper was next up in the Reserves.

The Thompson name was stamped all over this game, with brother Nathan, in the best off half-back and in the middle, and Jarrod, with 2 goals in the forward line returning from a knee injury, featuring prominently. More to come on Jarrod later.

Austin ‘Oz’ White also snagged a couple of goals, following a questionable blow off-the-ball early and an ankle injury that saw him hobble around the ground angrily for the rest of the game. Didn’t see his unfavoured opponent too nearby when he bagged the goals by chance.

Trent ‘Chunk’ Davidson was the other goal kicker with a left-footed running shot and featured in the best alongside Lachlan Cox, Alex Carrigan, Jordan ‘Tubes’ Trollope, Jack Nichols and the aforementioned Nathan Thompson.

The game truly went down to the wire, with a mark inside 50 taken by Jarrod Thompson with 5 seconds left in the game with the opportunity to draw the game with a major score. Jarrod’s effort looked good off the boot before skewing to the left for behind and East Ringwood claimed another close victory 5.7, 37 to 5.12, 42.

The Reserves rest in 9th on the ladder.

The Seniors came into the game looking to avenge the results of the previous two but unfortunately were defeated 5.9, 39 to 10.11, 71. The scores were level at quarter-time before East Ringwood led at every other change.

Riley ‘Santa’ Clausen, Ryan ‘Dobby’ McNay, Douglas ‘Marleys’ Wootton, Nick ‘Noodles’ Del Biondo, and Jayden ‘Tacos’ Depace and Josh White were Lilydale’s best on the day.

One particular single goalkicker will not be named this week, having complained in the Facebook chat at being poked fun of in previous reports. This is the same player who was also plugged as the Division One leading goalkicker for all readers to see for the best part of a month. Can’t please everyone.

Jordan ‘Jaws’ Jaworski was Lilydale’s only multiple goalkicker on the day, taking him level with the man who shall not be named as Lilydale’s top goalkickers for the season and equal 5th in Division One. Josh White and Beau Mitchener also bagged goals, with the latter the beneficiary of some beautiful play and candy sold by Marc Massarotti right in front of the spectating U19.5’s and Reserves. A sight to see from the man who may be spending this year’s family Christmas with Jaws.

The Seniors are also in 9th place on the ladder. Lilydale takes on local rivals Montrose at home next week.