Be part of a public mural, learn mosaic at LCH

Hot air balloons being spotted over the Yarra Valley and Lilydale are a favourite part of living in the community. Pictures: SUPPLIED.

By Mikayla van Loon

Over the last month the Lilydale Community House (LCH) has been working on bringing to life a community directed mural to freshen up the Hardy Street building.

In mid October LCH hosted two consultation sessions with the community to make a plan for the large mosaic mural.

“We asked them what they love about Lilydale and the things that came up were the hot air balloons, the Lake, the Creek, Dame Nellie Melba,” LCH coordinator Suyin Chan said.

The mural will stretch across the front of the building like a “ribbon” from right to left showing all the best bits of Lilydale and its surroundings.

With the “aim to finish by the end of November” Ms Chan said she would like more people to come along to the free mosaic making sessions.

“It’s free, so people can learn the skill and be part of the public art project,” she said.

Yarra Valley mosaic and public art artist Sioux Dollman is coordinating the mural production and is teaching people the artform as they go.

Having done projects at both the Emerald and Seville Community Houses, as well as The Great Steps of Warburton, Ms Dollman gets great joy from “the connection, inspiration, skill sharing” that happens during her workshops.

“It brings pure fulfillment to my heart to share and inspire others and watch, witness the joy and nourishment of people coming together to create in a supportive caring environment,” she states on her website.

“Everyone can take the skills learnt from workshops and can continue at home and beyond; many do.”

Joining the sessions just requires people showing up to the Community House between 10am and 1pm on Thursday 16 November, Tuesday 21 November, Thursday 23 November and Tuesday 28 November.

Lilydale Community House is located at 7 Hardy Street Lilydale, with the Senior Citizens Centre.

For more information, call 7036 6813 or check out the website for other classes and events happening.