Vaccine shortage impact felt

Consider a visit to the Cattery at Animal Aid. Picture: ON FILE

By Mark Menze

The heart of Animal Aid has always been our community and the amazing animals we serve.

Today, we face a pressing challenge that demands our collective action. A critical nationwide shortage of essential Feline F2 -F4 vaccines is impacting our ability to fully immunise cats in our care, particularly new arrivals who are at risk of illness.

The shortage, which could last until March 2024, has required us to implement a stringent mitigation plan to protect our vulnerable feline friends. We’re focusing on containment strategies, booster vaccinations for previously immunised cats, and meticulous record-keeping to ensure that vaccinations are administered as soon as they become available.

Despite these efforts, the reality is that our unvaccinated cat community is at risk, especially with the influx of cats carrying illnesses. This situation amplifies the need for safe, temporary homes for these cats to recover and thrive away from the shelter environment.

Here’s where you come in. Our newly introduced Paws and Recover initiative calls for foster volunteers willing to open their homes and hearts to provide temporary care. This not only aids in the cats’ recovery but also offers you the chance to bond with a potential lifelong companion, as fostering can lead to adoption at no cost.

Your support during this time is invaluable, not just for the cat you take in but for the ongoing care of all our cats.

Your involvement could be the pivotal point in a cat’s life. By fostering or adopting, you help relieve the shelter’s capacity strains and give our cats the loving homes they so richly deserve. As we navigate these challenges together, every gesture of support counts. Join us in this essential endeavour—become a foster carer, adopt by donation, and spread the word. Let’s ensure no cat is left without care and affection in their time of need.

For more information on how you can help, please contact our Cattery Team at 8756 1300.