AVSL season ends with a big day

Combined event winners from the 8 girls standing on the podium. Pictures: SUPPLIED.

By Jamie Strudley

Yarra Ranges Athletics AVSL team had a big day in the final round of the AVSL series for 2023-24. Some outstanding results and plenty of PB’s augers well for some excellent performances at the Victoria Championships starting next weekend. AVSL round 12 results:


100m: Elisabeth Coffey 14.77 (0.8); Kathi Hewitson 17.36 (+0.0); Anne-Marie Ebbels 20.57;

200m: Ashleigh Rooke 27.81 (-1.7);

400m: Ashleigh Rooke 65.62; Kristina Nackovski 66.10;

1500m: Carolyn Rosenbrock 6:45.8h; Emilie Garside 7:59.2h;

400m Hurdles: Shani Bullard 89.93;

1500m Walk: Carolyn Rosenbrock 8:16.8h; Emilie Garside 8:48.6h; Brienna Coffey 9:21.7h;

4x200m: Yarra Ranges 2:03.34;

Discus: Hayley Wilkins 30.50m; Ashleigh Rooke 28.51m; Meg Sparkes 26.83m;

Shot Put: Hayley Wilkins 8.56m; Ashleigh Rooke 8.10m; Meg Sparkes 6.84m; Shani Bullard 6.80m;

Hammer: Sarah Ebbels 31.17m; Anne-Marie Ebbels 29.31m; Kathi Hewitson 22.56m; Meg Sparkes 13.95m;

Javelin: Hayley Wilkins 31.61m; Ashleigh Rooke 25.36m; Meg Sparkes 19.89m; Anne-Marie Ebbels 13.07m;

Long Jump: Shani Bullard 4.08m; Elisabeth Coffey 3.95m; Brienna Coffey 3.21m; Erica Purcell 2.91m; Kathi Hewitson 2.60m;

Triple Jump: Shani Bullard 9.22m;


100m: Mitchell Mullens 11.39 (+0.0); Liam Russell 12.36 (1.4); Joseph Johnston 14.04 (+0.0); Craig Hewitson 14.13 (-1.0);

400m: Mitchell Mullens 53.54; Liam Russell 54.63; Craig Hewitson 63.95; Joseph Johnston 65.92;

1500m: Liam Russell 4:35.3h;

4x200m: Yarra Ranges 1:45.70;

Javelin: Ash Almond 52.60m;

Long Jump: Liam Russell 5.56m; Ash Almond 4.68m; Craig Hewitson 3.68m;

Shot Put: Ash Almond 8.89m;

Little Athletics returned after a week off for Region Championships. Our athletes were eager to get back into some little athletics fun on a sunny Saturday morning. We also presented medals to our Multi Event champions as below

6 Girls 1st Elke Egeberg, 2nd Daisy Murphy, 3rd Emily Cooke

7 Girls 1st Leni Stephens, 2nd Lilah Martin, 3rd Isabella Patience

8 Girls 1st Ivy Ingle, 2nd Isla Aborowa, 3rd Holly Rayner

9 Girls 1st Zahra Lehmann, 2nd Imogen McMillan, 3rd Georgia Cooke

10 Girls 1st Etta Thoma, 2nd Milly Hall, 3rd Lilah Fear

11 Girls 1st Caitlyn McKerlie, 2nd Maisie Coffey, 3rd Lucy Oettinger

12 Girls 1st Arizona Peel, 2nd Holly Yorke, 3rd Pippa Congreve

13 Girls 1st Mackenzie Graham, 2nd Karlie van Zyl, 3rd Janna Rodriguez

14 Girls 1st Brookley Horsburgh, 2nd Emily Fiedler, 3rd Tori Kincaid

15 Girls 1st Acacia Anderson-Bonsor, 2nd Bethany Vine, 3rd Alisha Morris

16 Girls 1st Stephanie van Bemmel, 2nd Sasha Maggs

17 Girls 1st Chloe Morris, 2nd Abbey Bartlett

6 Boys 1st Joe Layton, 2nd Dylan Andrews, 3rd Jacob Rayner

7 Boys 1st Fox Fernandes, 2nd Angus Congreve, 3rd Harry Russell

8 Boys 1st Charlie Darwall, 2nd Harry Clausen, 3rd Xavier Sultana

9 Boys 1st Theodore Russell, 2nd Brock Peel, 3rd Riley Yorke

10 Boys 1st Evan Kennedy, 2nd Jack Huon, 3rd Jesse Pettet

11 Boys 1st Koby Stephens, 2nd Xander Sommers, 3rd Kristian Sultana

12 Boys 1st Ilikimi Tove, 2nd Zack Paternoster, 3rd Dihain Rathnayake

13 Boys 1st Jay Burke, 2nd Tobyn Harris

14 Boys 1st Zac McMillan, 2nd Ryder Holland, 3rd Finn Rossthorn

15 Boys 1st Mitchell Pointon, 2nd Blake Saloyedoff

16 Boys 1st James Crome-Smith, 2nd William Van Bert, 3rd Andre’ Johanson

Little athletics action continues this weekend. Check socials and website for early events, group warm ups from 8.45am. Our seniors will be competed at Lakeside Stadium as the Victorian Track & Field Championships get under way

Training for our six-12yo continues on Tuesdays from 4pm. Seniors training (13yo+) is on Tuesday and Thursday from 5.30pm at Morrison Reserve. Check the socials and website for more details and sessions available with our throws and jumps coaches. Yarra Ranges Athletics welcomes and encourages all athletes of any age or ability.

If you, or someone you know, wants to join in the fun of track & field registration is now open. Go to www.lavic.com.au or www.athsvic.org.au or email info@yarrarangesathletics.org.au for information about events and registration.

For information on training, how to join or trial, photos, results and updated news, visit the website at yarrarangesathletics.org.au or check us out on Facebook. Run, Jump, Throw…too easy!