Winds no dampener for Eastern golfers

Barry Mitchell from Churchill Waverley hitting off at Yering Meadows. Pictures: SUPPLIED.

By David Waters

The destructive winds this week knocked down trees on many golf courses, but Yering Meadows escaped damage. A complete change from round 2 where high temperatures dehydrated all players. Round 3 began with cool conditions building to pleasant mid 20s. Only a few standout individuals with all team results being very close.

New works on holes 1 to 9 resulted in changes to the prepared program. 19 to 27 were added to compensate. Some mis directions had players scurrying to find the correct tees. Fortunately, the short delays in hit offs did nothing to dampen enthusiasm or slow play down.

Most groups had returned to the club house before 12.30 and were seated. Convivial conversation over drinks as lunches were served. An excellent presentation of chicken, pork, potatoes, pumpkin and salad, was highlighted by host manager Col Morgans and acknowledged with applause by everyone.

As the last group arrived a little slower than most, announcements could be made. Greens, Fairways, efforts by ground staff and team managers from Yering Meadows were favourably commented on, and again catering was praised.

The group ladders changed a little from the first week and there will be more jostling of positions after results are posted. The three tied results and the other three close ones will have everyone on their toes for round four at Gardiners Run on Friday.

Results Green group Eastern 4 1/2 def Gardiners Run 3 1/2. Heritage 4 tied with Eastwood 4. Yering Meadows 4 tied with Churchill/Waverley 4.

Gold group Yering Meadows 4 1/2 def Churchill/Waverley 3 1/2. Heritage 5 def Eastwood 3. Eastern 4 tied with Gardiners Run 4.

More entertaining golf for everyone and safe travelling till next week.