Golfers head to Gardiners

David Cooper from Eastern playing a difficult down hill shot with compromised set up.

By David Waters

All our intrepid senior golfers struck out for Gardiners Run as the grey day dawned. Expecting a change from the blustery heat of Thursday and some continuation of the gentle storms. We were surprised with high teen temperatures and slight breezes. A great day for golf was the agreed sentiment.

As usual for all the old duffers the first few holes provided the varied golf shots we endured. A great drive rewarded with a dribble into a bunker. A shot into the rough followed by a recovery next to the pin. What hair we have is torn out. Loud vocalised admonishment of club and ball follows a bad shot. The golfer is NOT TO BLAME. It is now halfway through the season, and everyone has renewed acquaintances, and some remember the names. Lots of friendly commentary continues as we appreciate the conditions and that we can still play.

Today the top two teams in gold and green groups fight to maintain their position. Three weeks in a row Churchill/Waverley and Eastern have swapped spots. Today for dominance? The neighbours, Yering Meadows and home team Gardiners Run continue their Derby, both in midfield with improvement apparent at both clubs. Box Hill yet to show their colours while Heritage seems to be hitting their straps.

A few hold ups were encountered throughout the day, but all players were back in the club rooms by 12.30pm. Lunch being rapidly served, delicious schnitzel and chips. More talk while eating and drinking, an enjoyable time. A short presentation not hindered by heckle praised the ground staff and caterers for their effort and Kent Davey read out the results.

Gold group. Heritage 4 ½ def Box Hill 3 ½. Churchill/Waverley 4 ½ def Eastern. Gardiners Run 4 tied with Yering Meadows 4.

Green group. Eastern 6 def Churchill/Waverley 2. Yering Meadows 6 def Gardiners Run 2. Box Hill 4 tied with Heritage 4.

Next week round 5 will be hosted by Eastwood.

Safe driving and good golfing until then.