Boxing talent donation for local kids

The Coldstream Boxing Club offers free boxing classes for kids from four years old and 17 years old. Picture: SUPPLIED

By Dongyun Kwon

A former heavyweight boxing champion is happy to share his talent with local kids in Coldstream.

Hayden ‘H-Bomb’ Wright won the championship in three different competitions; Western Australia Champion, South Queensland Champion and Australian Journeyman Champion.

Wright is originally from Wandin and has travelled around Australia to win the titles along with teaching kids.

The former champion finally came back to his hometown and started to run the free boxing class four times a week in March.

Wright said he’s been having a great number of kids from four years old to 17 years old.

“We do fitness, exercise and mentor kids to give them a positive outreach in the community,” he said.

“The class is on every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, which is about an hour to an hour and a half, sometimes.

“We make it like a community place where parents can come and have a coffee. We might watch a movie one night and do some social activities.”

His talent donation has been ongoing for about 15 years, starting in Perth.

“Now I moved back for my family because all my family are in Coldstream, Lilydale and Wandin,” Wright said.

The coach said he has a passion for youth.

“I like to volunteer in the community and give my time and resources,” Wright said.

“I want to see kids do great and I want to be a part of the community. I like to do it for free.”

The free boxing class could happen thanks to the venue donation by the Coldstream Football and Netball Club (FNC).

Coldstream FNC vice president Ryan Kerr said it’s fantastic to help the Coldstream Boxing Club.

“We just saw on Facebook about what he’s doing and we’re more than happy to support someone helping the local community and kids,” he said.

“With the cost of living pressure, it’s obvious that kids can’t afford to do any sport and we’re happy to help give them a fantastic option.

“If he needs some gear and stuff, we’ll look at that.”

The former champion still doesn’t give up his professional career while he is teaching the kids.

Wright is currently rated top 15 Victorian heavyweight boxer.

“I hope to fight for the Victorian heavyweight title on 11 May,” he said.

“The kids have been helping me as well. They hold the pads for me and help train me.

“Any money I make from the boxing match, I’d like to donate back to the club so we can build a boxing ring.”

The Coldstream Boxing Club is located at Margaret Lewis Reserve.

Anyone wishing to learn boxing for free is encouraged to contact Wright through his email,