A successful start to XCR24

Adele Ellis. Pictures: SUPPLIED.

By Jamie Strudley

There was plenty of excitement amongst the Yarra Ranges Athletics team on Saturday.

The opening round of Athletics Victorias’ XCR season at a sun baked Jells Park saw 11 teams entered in the annual cross country relays. With over 300 teams entered from around Victoria the atmosphere was full of anticipation for the tough parkland course at Jells Park.

YRA’s teams did not disappoint with one first, two second and two third placings including a bronze medal for our Under 20 Women’s team led by Brigette and Briar recording fast times, both inside the top 10 fastest times on the day.

The Open Women teams were competing in Divisions 2, 4 and 5. Some solid runs from all four women, led by Olivia Twining with the 15th fastest time women’s 6km on the day, saw YRA finish in second place behind last year’s relegated Essendon team. A great team effort continued with a hard fought second place in Division 4 showing our team depth is looking good for the season.

The Open Men’s teams were competing in Division 2, 6 and 7. The Div 2 team was in the fight for the win until the end, eventually finishing third behind the two relegated teams from last season, St Stephens (now Sandringham) and Frankston. Some outstanding runs from Harry Norman, Tynan Mims and James Laven (all sub 19 minute runs). Our team depth was on display with our Division 6 team winning by over six minutes.

Great to see our juniors joining in the fun as we welcomed many of our little athletics club members taking the opportunity to join in the fun of XCR in the Under 14 and Under 16 age groups.

Club results from round 1 are:

Female Open Div 2 – 4 x 6km 2nd 1.36.10.

Olivia Twining: 22:48, Grace Muller: 24:02, Madeline Laven: 24:40, Katrina Winger: 24:40.

Female Open Div 4 – 3 x 6km 2nd 1.19.47

Rebecca Gilmore: 24:24, Bonnie Morris: 29:37, Georgia Laven: 25:46

Female Open Div 4 – 3 x 6km 6th 1.44.00

(Rori Jones: 27:28, Elisabeth Coffey: 33:53, Erica Purcell: 42:39) 1:44:00;

Female 20 3 x 3km – 3rd 34.07

Briar Keyser: 11:06, Brigitte Rice: 10:59, Zoe Clarke: 12:02

Female 14 3 x 3km – 7th 41.10

Lily Clarke: 13:18, Brienna Coffey: 13:43, Adele Ellis: 14:09

Male Open Div 2 6 x 6km – 3rd 1.57.07

Harry Norman: 18:26, Tynan Mims: 18:42, Reuben Johnson: 20:20, Sam Arnold: 21:48, Max Savill-Bentley: 19:12, James Laven: 18:39

Male Open Div 6 4 x 6km – 1st 1.28.36

Luke Hunter: 22:31, Angus Norman: 21:29, Daniel Groves: 21:17, Matthew Morrison: 23:19

Male Open Div 7 4 x 6km – 6th 1.51.56

Trent Ashton: 24:38, Liam Russell: 24:58, Bryan Ackerly: 28:26, Craig Hewitson: 33:54

Male 16 Team 1 3 x 3km – 7th 33.00

Ryder Holland: 11:01, Mitchell Pointon: 10:15, Blake Saloyedoff: 11:44)3x3km:

Male 16 Team 2 3 x 3km – 17th 24.57

Finn Rossthorn: 12:47, Ilikimi Tove: 12:10

Ash Rooke was back in action competing at the Australian University Track and Field Championships in the Gold Coast. Ash competed in the 100m and 200m events finishing with times of 13.16 and 27.22 respectively. An excellent end to another fantastic season from Ash.

YRA’s Saturday morning cross country season continued with round 2 at the challenging Margaret Lewis Reserve in Coldstream. Another fantastic turnout of eager athletes and parents made for a fun morning of cross country in the sun. Results for lasts weeks event at Lilydale Lake are:


Kylan Milne 3.11; Tarlee Lewis 3.36; Sophie Ashton 3.36


Ivy Ingle 5.55; Tiago Ferrando-Stenhouse 6.18; Elliott Dawson 6.19; Eve Chivers 6.55; Taylor Cox 8.04; Aaron Zuo 8.34; Thea Christian 8.46; Emily Moore 8.57; Willliam Hastewell 9.00


Riley Yorke 6.27; Brock Peel 6.55; Lucas Pawly 6.55; Milly Hall 7.13; Victoria James 7.13; Levi Jones-Palazzolo 7.19; Willow Neal 7.31; Harper Neal 7.39; Natalie Ramirez 7.42; Fletcher Norman 8.10; Iola MacKay 8.12; Indi Budin 8.15; Tillie Sommers 8.17; Delia Coffey 8.22; Imogen McMillan 8.25; Georgia Cooke 8.26; Tahlia Dawson 8.53; Winter Anderson-Bonsor 8.59; LL Luca 9.04; Spencer Norman 9.06; Cody Buckland 9.22; Micah Friend 9.48; Tilly Hikisz 10.06; Amber Miller 10.06; Byron Stark 12.36


Archie Budin 8.51; Ilikimi Tove 9.24; Xander Sommers 9.42; Pippa Congreve 9.50; Lexi Aders 10.02; Hugo Gibbs 10.14; Caitlyn McKerlie 10.15; Leah Gobetti 10.50; Dominic Nealon 10.53; Jonty Friend 11.00; Isla Haisma 11.29; Tess Hewatt 11.32; Hugh Richardson 11.48; Kirsten Mcerlie 11.53; Alice Sabo 11.59; Zuri Dawson 12.04; Eamon MacKay 12.19; Olivia Cox 12.42; Meadow Anderson-Bonsor 12.43; Jake Buckland 12.49; Holly Yorke 13.13; Arizona Peel 13.13; Belle Gompertz 13.26; Isabella Martin 13.36


James Crome-Smith 11.40; Ryder Holland 11.59; Hamish Mcerlie 12.36; Finn Rossthorn 12.36; Daniel Gibbs 12.50; Michael Clarke 12.51; Zac McMillan 13.37; Mackenzie Graham 15.3; Bryan Ackerly 15.56; Tori Kincaid 16.26; Glenn Mcmillan 16.45; Lily Clarke 17.33; Adele Ellis 17.33; Elise Hall 17.50; Amelia Eldridge 19.18; Tim Anderson-Bonsor 20.14; Acacia Anderson-Bonsor 20.15

This coming Saturday will be at Elizabeth Bridge, Kilsyth. Warm up at 8.45am with the first event starting at 9am. Anyone able to help with course set up (from 7.30am), timing, recording or pack up please contact the club on info@yarrarangesathletics.org.au or let us know on Saturday.

Beau McKinnon represented Victoria and Yarra Ranges Athletics at the Little Athletics Australia Track and Field Championships in Adelaide over the weekend. Beau competed in the 1500m walk finishing sixth in a season best 8.12.90.

Cross country training for all club members is on Tuesday evenings from 5.30pm and Thursdays from 5.30pm at the Victoria Road Primary School gym. Yarra Ranges Athletics welcomes and encourages all athletes of any age or ability.

Go to lavic.com.au or athsvic.org.au or email info@yarrarangesathletics.org.au for information about events and registration. Cross Country is here!

For information on training, how to join or trial, photos, results and updated news, visit the website at yarrarangesathletics.org.au or check us out on Facebook. Run, Jump, Throw…too easy!