Meet the new Yarra Hills Secondary College – Mt Evelyn Campus Principal

Leighton O’Donnell presenting at the College Awards night. Picture: SUPPLIED

Yarra Hills Secondary College has celebrated Leighton O’Donnell as its newly appointed substantive principal for the Mount Evelyn Campus.

Leighton is a dedicated principal who brings over 16 years of educational expertise to the Yarra Hills community.

After successfully completing the highly coveted Monash University UP Program in Principal Preparation back in 2019, Leighton has already led the school’s learning improvements with the current Yarra Hills principal team for 5 years. Cultivating strong links to the College values, Leighton is focused on maintaining high expectations of his students, whilst using a data-driven approach to cater for myriad learning styles and lead to improved student outcomes.

The change is well underway.

“Yarra Hills is seen as a forward-thinking STEAM school, offering students extension programs in IT, product design and flight simulation”.

The College also works closely with its feeder Primary school staff, collaborating future technological trends and joint extension programs in both Literacy and Art. This provides an inclusive, engaging, and challenging learning environment that nurtures curiosity, fosters creativity, and provides a smooth transition from Grade 6 to Year 7.

Leighton is committed to creating a comprehensive and compelling curriculum that supports academic and social-emotional development, while fostering strong partnerships with parents/guardians and the wider community.

The Yarra Hills Secondary College – Mt Evelyn Campus, has undergone significant changes in recent years. The campus now spans from Year 7 to Year 12, providing a comprehensive and seamless educational journey for all students.

“This expansion reflects our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our community and ensuring that every student receives the support and resources they need to succeed.”

Leighton is deeply committed to serving Mount Evelyn and surrounding communities. As a current member of the Mount Evelyn Township Group and the Mount Evelyn Street Party group, he understands the importance of community involvement and collaboration in creating a thriving and supportive environment for our students to grow.

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