Come explore Mooroolbark Grammar

Come explore Mooroolbark Grammar. Picture: SUPPLIED

At Mooroolbark Grammar, we are committed to providing individualised education for each and every one of our students. We believe that every child is unique, with their own set of strengths and areas for development, and our goal is to help each student reach their full potential. To achieve this, we have a strong focus on goal setting and individualised programs, tailored to meet the specific needs and abilities of each student. 

Our composite classrooms allow us to create a flexible learning environment, where we can cater for students at all levels of ability. If a student needs additional support in a particular subject area, we have the ability to cut back a level for them, providing the extra attention and resources needed to help them catch up. Alternatively, if a student is excelling in a subject area, we can extend their learning beyond the curriculum, providing challenging opportunities to help them reach their full potential. 

At Mooroolbark Grammar, we offer a range of specialised programs that set us apart from other private primary schools in the Mooroolbark area. Our focus on these programs ensures that our students receive a well-rounded education that fosters their individual strengths and abilities. These educational programs provide our students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel academically and socially, giving them a competitive edge in today’s world.

Some of our programs include 7-Steps to Writing, Applied Scholastics – focusing on teaching students to study technology to increase understanding and application of what they are learning, Maths-U-See, School Sports Victoria Membership, Horse Riding and much much more.

Come explore our campus and what we have to offer your child.